macro-investmentsAs a Macro Investor with Northern Illinois Realty Acquisitions, LLC you have the opportunity to invest in the cash flow of our income producing properties as well as take an equity stake in the same. Investments have a minimum of $20,000. We cap our exposure at 70% of the properties current market value to Macro Investors. For example, if a property has a value of $100,000 we will aportion $70,000 for investors including existing obligations ie. mortgages, liens etc… We pay out 8% APR on investments intrest only payments per quarter with a 5 year term. At which point the investors will receive thier original investment back because of recapitalization, resale or liquidiation sale.  Investors will enjoy a profit from the eventual sale on top of their regular earnings without being the landlord!! This program can be used for single family residential or projects.

Macro Investor Example 1

On a $100,000 property we would max our exposure to  $70,000.
You earn 8% interest on your investment paid every quarter with a 5 year payback term.
If you invested the full $70,000 you would also receive 35% profits from a sale.
So $100,000 sale, less notes, and closing costs 3%) = $27,300 profit, your additional earnings is $9,555 over and above your 8% from the original amount invested.

DISCLAIMER:  As with any investment there are risks. Northern Illinois Realty Acquisitions, LLC can not guarantee ROI. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.